Asian People's Disability Alliance
The Asian People's Disability Alliance (APDA) is a user-led registered charity of Asian disabled people.


Personal care with dignity and a smile

APDA provides an Asian Day Respite Care and Development service for Asians with physical, mental and learning disabilities including elderly Asians.


APDA Homecare has a solution which allows our clients to live full, interesting lives and still stay within the comfort, safety and peace of mind of their own home.


Care at home normally involves one or more visits a day for relatively short periods, or as long as you the client requires, to help with the everyday tasks in life.


We provide care for frail elderly and disabled people including physical, visual, hearing, mobility, social difficulty, learning difficulty, Depression and those age related disabilities.


APDA Home care encourages family and friends to play the lead role in supporting their loves ones. We therefore work with those closest to you to develop a care package that is just right for you. By meeting individual needs, preferences and routines, we will be able to transform circumstances in a way that can really make a difference.


We match our dedicated care worker to match your individual needs.


All our care staff are handpicked, CRB cleared and fully trained to provide a safe, efficient and friendly service.


We continually train and develop our staff to make sure that they are fully up to date and suitably trained to provide care Services. At the same time customer satisfaction is vital.


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