The Asian People's Disability Alliance (APDA) is a user-led registered charity of Asian disabled people

Providing culturally sensitive support and services to London’s disabled communities for over 30 years

National Guardian Article

11th September 2019

APDA was featured in the 11th September 2019 National Guardian Newspaper concerning its research report titled Humare Avaaz (“our voice”) regarding the barriers to independent living for disabled women. Click on the link above for the full article.

DRILL Research Report

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  • Diwali Celebrations in October 2019


27 July 2019

Declare Your Care Campaign #DeclareYourCare

APDA is pleased to be facilitating the Race Equality Foundation to capture the true life stories of our Asian disabled clients and Service users on behalf of the Care Quality Commission.

Watch Pradip and Rashmi’s Story

Find out more about our Declare Your Care: People from black and ethnic minority communities campaign at

Declare Your Care Campaign - Rashmi’s Story


Eid-Al-Adna celebrations

Thursday 15th August 19

We are delighted to celebrate Eid-Al-Adna at the Alric Centre

Brighton Beach Trip

July 2019

APDA service users enjoyed a trip out to Brighton Beach


March 2019

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