Since 1988, we have been providing our culturally appropriate and bespoke sensitive Day care and Home care support and services to disabled, elderly and other isolated people.


Is to provide services appropriate to the needs of disabled Asian people and their carers and those who are elderly and isolated. We’ve been providing our culturally sesitive support to the local Asian communities from our London centre for over 25 years.

We support those of all faiths and none and we are not part of any larger organisation.

We are unique in that we:

  • Match services to the needs of Asian people with disabilities, their carers and families, a group that is disadvantaged not only in the wider community but within its own.

  • Provide support irrespective of age or situation

  • Provide services that take into account Asian traditions, practices and family relationships as well as language, diet and religion.

  • Engage with local authorities and housing, health and support agencies from a position of strength. We have a well-established and successful record of working in partnerships.


  • Day Care, at our Alric Centre

  • Home Care and Respite, by trained staff that share a common language and cultural background with the client.


  • Befriending - a growing need as increasing numbers of elderly and disabled Asian people find themselves isolated within both their own and wider community. Befriending enables them to retain their independence and identity.

  • Information, advice and guidance - many of our service users and their families need help to access the support that is available. We provide a multi-lingual service.

  • Advocacy - we support our service users to make representations about their social care support, housing needs or medical care and manage their cases if asked to do s