We provide participative activities aimed at improving exisiting skills, developing new skills and promoting social development. Our non-medical services bring benefits in the following areas:

  • Mental health and wellbeing

  • In overcoming depression, social isolation, loneliness etc.

  • Improvement in social, cultural and envionmental conditions.

The range of accessable activities we provide include as follows:

  • Mental and physical development activities

  • Music and dance therapies

  • Memory services

  • Horticulture/gardening

  • Yoga sessions

  • Exercises sessions

  • Laughing sessions

Arts and Crafts

We do a range of accessible innovative art and crafts with the clients i.e. embroidery, painting, creating art for the centre boards etc.



Exercise and Massage

During the day there is an exercise session which motivates our clients to get moving. We also provide massage classes which help the clients stress and strains of the body. Once a week we deliver sports activity classes.


Outdoor Activities

In the Autumn our service user like to plant and grow fruit and vegetables at the allotment and harvested in the Spring and Summer.

Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park 2017

Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park 2017


At APDA our serves users enjoy trips out which is an event itself. Sealife Aquarium, Margate Seaside, Natural History Museum, Picnics and BBQs in the park are some of the exciting trips.

Noo (staff) and Service user dancing (left to right)

Noo (staff) and Service user dancing (left to right)

Music Therapy, Dancing and Singing

More than occasionally we like a sing and dance at our centre with our resident music therapist DJ Narayann, this gets the clients (and staff) moving.

International Day of Disabled Persons 2018

International Day of Disabled Persons 2018

Events and Celebrations

At APDA we like to celebrate many festivals and many Civil Awareness Days.