Management Committee

Office Bearers


Chairperson - Pradip shah

After my accident I joined APDA due to my disability as a user and later got elected as Chairperson.

When I became disabled it felt like my life had ended however, discovering APDA and getting involved in their activities gave me a renewed direction of life.

I enjoy meeting people with different backgrounds and learning about different cultures. I like to get involved in cultural and spiritual activities.

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Secretary - Ashok Chabria

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Joint Treasurer - Rekha Mehta


Joint Treasurer - Jyoti Raja

Other Commitee Members


Anna Felice

(BA, Dip. Counselling)

After taking early retirement at 57 due to ill-health became interested in issues concerning disability and at the suggestion of a friend who had already worked for APDA. Got in touch with Mahes who suggested I started working part-time as a volunteer carer with APDA. After 1 & 1/2 years as a volunteer carer was seconded to Management Committee and also changed from carers job to doing Art therapy with clients. Have been committed to APDA ever since.

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Azahim Mohamed

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Jazal Marzook

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Daya Lekamwattage

Staff Members

Management Team


Joint CEO - Zeenat Jeewa


Joint CEO - Michael Jeewa

Operations Team


Daycare Team Leader - Nouria Yahi

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Homecare Team Leader - Saira Nawaz


Business Development - David Palfreman


Accounts & HR - Fareeda Issace

Advice & Advocacy - VACANT

Daycare Centre Staff