Home Care has a solution which allow clients to live full, interesting lives and still stay within the comfort of their own home and with the safety and peace of mind of their own front door.

Our services are:

  • Accredited with local authorities and regulated by the Care Quality Commission

  • Both efficient and effective

  • Designed to meets the needs and concerns of both users and purchasers

  • User-centred and totally needs-led, and they

  • Enable users to continue to live in the community

  • Reduce inappropriate hospitalisation

  • Give equal priority to the needs of carers, a group that is usually poorly

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We provide care for frail elderly and disabled people including physical, sensory, mental health, learning difficulties and age related disabilities.


We encourage family and friends to play the lead role in supporting their love ones. We therefore work with those closet to develop a care package that is right for the client. By meeting individual needs, perferences and routines, we will be able to transform circumtances in a way that can really make a difference.

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Care Plan are tailor made to suit you. We will repect your wishes and choices throughout the process.

Care Quality Commission

Care Quality Commission report - they use the evidence they collect to reach judgements about the quality of care and publish reports about the services they inspect on their website. Below is a link to APDA inspection 2017.

If you require further information please contact us:

Email: homecare@apda.org.uk

Phone: 020 8830 4880