It all started when…

APDA was founded in London 30 years ago as a Pan-Disability Organisation (DPO) to provide culturally specific care for the South Asian elderly and disabled community.

It was set up by those who had themselves an in-depth knowledge and personal experience of   disability   and   care.   This   was needed, as there was very little appropriate support available at that time.

APDA is a non-governmental and non-de-nominational organisation.

Our Aims and Objectives

  • To provide a needs and user-led culturally appropriate service.

  • To collaborate and work in partnership with service planners and mainstream sup-port bodies.

  • To Act as a resource for disabled people, their carers and their families.

  • To work with our disabled peers in the Developing World.

Why we have these Aims and Objectives

We have these aims and objectives so that we can:

  • Reach out where mainstream services cannot through lack of expertise and under-standing of disabled people, their carers and families.

  • Help incorporate the particular needs of APDA’s client group in relation to service planning and areas that affect their lives.

  • Provide consultation, peer support and facilitate their social development.

  • Link with the Developing World allowing us to share knowledge, experience and dis-ability attributes  that  assist  and  enrich  socio - economic development.