Development Work in India

Apart from some ‘ad hoc’ emergency relief and welfare activities abroad, APDA first began its dedicated overseas development activities in New Delhi, in India in collaboration with the local NGO ‘Concerned Action Now’ (CAN), addressing the social and economic development of disabled people in the slum areas of New Delhi.

We also supported our partner local NGO in Delhi to carry out vocational skills training and livelihood support through their centres and contributed towards the pre-primary school for disabled children. This was to assist them in getting admittance into special needs and integrated mainstream schools.

CAN managed to establish track record at its two Vocational and livelihood skills training centres of producing interesting items by disabled trainees for the Corporate Gift market and of participating in competitive bidding for contracts to provide stationery items for conferences, seminars and other similar events.

People with physical, sensory and learning difficulties were trained in production skills and they then participated in producing items for sale through corporate orders, stalls at events and other outlets. Their products were also marketed through complementary networks in major cities including Mumbai. Some trainees also managed to set up income generating STD Telephones Booth enterprises.

CAN also organised workshops and street plays and shows to bring awareness about ‘Disability and Child Rights’ with participation from CAN’s younger members with disabilities. They also succeeded in securing assistive equipment and devices for their disabled Users.